What patients say about Array…

“Array’s cutting edge phototherapy treatment has provided relief that years of expensive creams and medications could not.  I am so glad I made the call.”

Sherry, San Clemente

“My dermatologist referred me to Array when my psoriasis stop responding to other treatments.  I was desperate. By the third treatment I saw amazing improvement! What’s more, the staff is friendly and accommodating with my crazy schedule. I like that. “

GiGi, Mission Viejo

“My Vitiligo has significantly improved since beginning treatment at Array two years ago, especially on my face and knees. Array gets me in and out fast so I rarely skip treatments, which is the reason I am doing well. Just wish I had started sooner.”

Jason, Los Angeles

“My young daughter has been treated for vitiligo at Array for over a year. We are in and out of the office in 15 minutes and thrilled with the results. Our positive experience is a direct result of the quality care provided at Array.”

Kim, Aliso Viejo 

Get Long-term Relief from these Chronic Skin Conditions…

Psoriasis Treatment at Arrayskin

In-office phototherapy can clear psoriasis for months at a time, and be safely reemployed when symptoms resurface. Learn more

Vitiligo treatment at Array Skin

Like psoriasis, vitiligo can be effectively treated with safe, natural phototherapy.
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Treating Eczema at Array Skin

Eczema is often treated with drugs, but in-office Phototherapy is an effective and safer option. Learn more

Treatment of Hairloss, Alopecia

In-office phototherapy can safely revitalize latent hair follicles in scalps affected with Alopecia Areata.  Learn more