Real Hope for Vitiligo Sufferers


vtiligo treatment at Array SkinArray phototherapy centers utilize FDA-approved phototherapy to do what creams, ointments, and “internet cures” simply cannot do: repigment vitiligo and stop new spots from forming. The specialized light penetrates the epidermis deeply enough to stimulate latent pigment cells in or around de-pigmented zones. Face and torso areas respond exceptionally well, while bonier areas such as hands, feet and knees require longer treatment cycles. Whether your white patches are new or old, phototherapy offers real hope.

Vitiligo Phototherapy Treatments Are…
  • A safe, effective way to treat vitiligo
  • Painless
  • Fast. In and out in 15 minutes, on average
  • Covered by most insurance providers, including Medicare

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Patient Testimonials

“My young daughter has been treated for vitiligo at Array for over a year. We are in and out of the office in 15 minutes and thrilled with the results. Our positive experience is a direct result of the quality care provided at Array.” –Kim, Mission Viejo

“My Vitiligo has significantly improved since beginning treatment with Array two years ago, especially on my face and knees. Array gets me in and out fast so I rarely skip treatments, which is the reason I am doing well. Just wish I had started sooner.” – Jason, Los Angeles

To Schedule a Consultation: 855-Rx-Array (855-792-7729)

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